Please note: Bishop-Wisecarver will be closed for the holidays on the following days:
  • Christmas/New Year: Monday, December 24 - Tuesday, January 1, 2019 (We will return on Wednesday, January 2, 2019)

In order to ship products prior to the Christmas holiday, please refer to the information below.

2018 Year End Order Schedule:

DualVee Wheels, Original Guide Wheels 12/20/2018
Wheels, Studded Assemblies 12/19/2018
Bushings 12/20/2018
Journals 12/20/2018
Lubricators 12/20/2018
Wheel Covers 12/20/2018
Wrenches 12/20/2018
Track, Drilled, > 6 Ft. 12/11/2018
Track, Drilled, ≤ 6 Ft. 12/14/2018
Track, Cut to length, > 6 Ft. 12/18/2018
Track, Cut to length, ≤ 6 Ft. 12/19/2018
Hepco Ring and Track Systems 11/01/2018
Bearings 11/01/2018***
Rails 11/08/2018***
DLS 11/01/2018***
PDU2 11/15/2018***
LoPro Belt Driven 11/29/2018**
Chain Driven 11/21/2018
Lead Screw Driven 11/08/2018
Ball Screw Driven 11/01/2018
Motor Mounts 11/29/2018
Wheel Plate 12/19/2018
Track Plate 12/10/2018
Other Sub-assemblies 12/17/2018
MadeWell Radial Wheels 12/20/2018
Crown Rollers 12/20/2018
MinVee Track, Drilled 12/17/2018
Track, Cut to length 12/19/2018
Track Support, Drilled 12/17/2018
Wheel Plate Assembly 12/19/2018
QuickTrak QTD Double Edge System Assembly Inquire
QTD Double Edge Track Assembly Inquire
QTD Double Edge Wheel Mounting Kit Inquire
QTD Double Edge Brake Kit Inquire
QTD Double Edge Wheel Plate Inquire
QTS Single Edge System Assembly Inquire
QTS Single Edge Track Assembly Inquire
Single Edge Wheel Mounting Kit Inquire
QTS Single Edge Brake Kit Inquire
QTS Single Edge Wheel Plate Inquire
Wheel Plate Extrusion (Cut to length) 12/17/2018
Signature Motion SlickStick* 12/13/2018
ECO60* 12/13/2018
SteadyRail (Undriven) 12/07/2018
SteadyRail (Driven) 11/08/2018
XLA15 / XLA9 11/01/2018
UtiliTrak Wheel Plate Assembly 12/19/2018
Wheel Plate Brake Kit 12/20/2018
Track, PW Series, Aluminum 12/19/2018
Track, SW Series, Steel 12/17/2018
Track, CR Series, Corrosion Resistant 12/06/2018

Last scheduled shipping day: Friday, December 21, 2018

Contact us as soon as possible at (888) 580-8272 to submit an order or to talk to one of our experts.

Order-by-date is provided as a guideline for scheduling orders for shipment prior to the end of the shipping year. The time frame listed is not a guarantee and may vary by product or size. Large quantities have to be reviewed for ship date.

Dates are provided as general guidelines. Individual order quantities and product complexity may result in longer lead-times necessitating order shipment in 2018.

*These lead-times apply to the standard travel lengths specified.
       • ECO60 – (6, 12, 18, & 24” travels)
       • SlickStick – (6, 12, 24, & 36” travels)

**Shorter lead-times may apply to qualifying Quick Ship configurations
***For listed Hepco products, lead-times will vary based on product size / configuration and order quantity. Nonstandard configurations, optioned configurations, and larger quantity orders will have longer lead-times and ship in 2019.