Bishop-Wisecarver Giving Guidelines

Bishop-Wisecarver considers supporting both individuals and organizations through donations provided the request is related to science, technology, engineering, education and/or manufacturing. Eligible requests can be in the form of financial contribution, product donation, or engineering support.

Restricted Areas
Bishop-Wisecarver will not provide financial support to the following:
  1. Organizations, activities, and programs that are specifically designed to promote religious principles
  2. Political parties, organizations, candidates or activities
  3. Capital campaigns
  4. Deficit or retroactive funding
  5. Organizations that demonstrate unlawful, unethical or discriminatory practices
  6. Organized nonacademic after-school activities such as bands, debate teams or sports; activities unrelated to engineering or manufacturing.
Finally, we reserve the right to interpret, apply and administer our donations program as we see fit.

Granting Cycles and Proposal Deadlines
Bishop-Wisecarver considers providing donations throughout the calendar year. Only one request per organization/individual will be considered in one calendar year. Applicants will be notified as to if their request for funds or products are approved.

In exchange for Bishop-Wisecarver contribution, the following are recipient expectations:
  1. The team is expected to help BWC produce content in exchange for a donation through the following ways:
    • Blogs — BWC will conduct 1 interview via email or telephone with the main contact to understand the project/team.
    • Photos & Video — Send pictures of the project to [email protected] during build season.
  2. Donation will not be awarded until receipt of signed acknowledgment of the Bishop-Wisecarver’s expectations.
Submitting a Request
To submit a donation request, provide a concise written proposal including the following information: